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For beginners and advanced learners: Our Swedish courses

Swedish is spoken by around 10 million people in Sweden and parts of Finland. It is a North Germanic language derived from Old Norse, which was once prevalent in parts of eastern England and western Scotland. Swedish is a tonal language which gives it a pleasant sing-song sound. When using the Babbel app, you’ll hear examples from native speakers, to get used to accent, pitch and tone. Swedish shares some vocabulary with German, however, it differs in grammar, pronunciation, and word order. Start with simple lessons and build your vocabulary. Work at your own pace and learn to listen, read, spell, and speak the language. Daily challenges will test your vocabulary and knowledge with word and sentence quizzes.

In the review section, you can also go over the words and phrases that you covered in each lesson. As you progress through the lessons, you will organically pick up vocabulary and grammar rules. By testing your pronunciation with Babbel’s voice recognition technology, you can rest assured that you are speaking correctly. Owing to specially-designed courses, you will start speaking Swedish from your very first lesson – which is absolutely free. You can also try out the first lesson of any of Babbel’s other 13 language courses for no charge whatsoever. All language lessons, including the Swedish courses, are taught in one of 9 base languages, including English, Polish, and Italian. All of the audio clips that you hear in the lessons are created by native Swedish speakers for an authentic sound and to ensure the correct pronunciation.

Study Swedish vocabulary and phrases

By copying the exact sounds of the words, you will be able to speak correctly without a hint of your own accent. Learning Swedish with Babbel is fun and casual; it never feels like a chore. You can visit your dashboard at any time and carry on from where you left off. It is a good idea to check in every day and review the vocabulary so that the lessons stay with you. A flexible pricing structure means that you can take a break if you need to, try a course for a month or sign up for longer to challenge yourself to learn the language.

A range of courses are available that cover all levels of ability and a wide selection of topics. From learning the basics which can be useful on a holiday to more complex vocabulary and phrases for those moving to Sweden or doing business there. You will work through the levels, score points, and build your Swedish vocabulary. Babbel’s courses will compare your native tongue and Swedish to see which words are similar and which sound similar but have a different meaning and tailor your lessons accordingly.


An easy introduction to Swedish: basic vocab, grammar, and pronunciation.

View "Newcomer"

Beginner I

Learn the most important expressions for everyday life and the basics of Swedish grammar and pronunciation.

View "Beginner I"

Beginner II

Discover more words and expressions for many different life situations.

View "Beginner II"


Consolidate what you've learnt and start expressing yourself in a more nuanced way.

View "Pre-Intermediate"


Refresh and improve your basic skills and express yourself in everyday Swedish.

View "Intermediate"


Refresh – or test – your knowledge of topics from the Beginner II and Pre-Intermediate sections.

View "Refresher"


Grammar practice in easy, understandable steps. Drills and exercises with clear and concrete examples.

View "Grammar"

Countries and Traditions

In these courses, you won't just learn the language. You'll also gain useful knowledge about Sweden.

View "Countries and Traditions"

Listening and Speaking

Here you'll find courses which will help you to focus on your listening and speaking skills.

View "Listening and Speaking"


Here you will find courses about Swedish idioms, numbers, or false cognates.

View "Specials"

Words and Sentences

Improve and train your vocabulary with over 3000 words and example sentences you can use in everyday life.

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Swedish pronunciation

With the integrated speech recognition tool you can test and practice your pronunciation. It works directly in the browser. You will only need a microphone and the latest Flash-Player.

Learn Swedish Vocabulary

Learn online grammar, vocabulary and phrases, practice in optimal intervals: At Babbel, you’ll get the basic and advanced vocabulary for Swedish. The Review Manager makes sure that you’ll exercise the vocabulary and grammar rules that were hard for you.

iPhone app

You can use the Swedish iPhone app together with the Babbel website. Your learning progress will be synchronized between them, so you can learn and review anywhere, anytime.