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Reasons to study Indonesian as a foreign language

  • Learn Indonesia's language with ease by using the latest mobile-based language tools.
  • Discover every aspect of Bahasa Indonesia, and be ready for anything when you visit the country.
  • The language of Indonesia provides a way to meet people, work and travel in one of the most diverse nations of the world.
  • Begin studying Indonesian with Babbel

Getting to know the foundation of modern Indonesia

The best reason to learn Indonesia's language is because it's spoken all over the Indonesian archipelago. Originally spoken mainly on the island of Java, the language was introduced across the country after independence in 1945. President Sukarno realised that the nation would require a language for its bureaucracy and commerce, and one which rejected the colonial power (which in Indonesia's case was the Netherlands).

Since then, it has become established as a second language for over 200 million people, and the first language in most major cities, such as Medan or Surabaya. So it's an essential skill for anyone who intends to tour Indonesia. With relatively few English speakers, knowing a few phrases of Bahasa will help massively when navigating ferries, arranging rainforest tours, or scuba diving in Bali.

An offshoot of Malay with an identity all of its own

Firing up a Babbel app to learn Bahasa Indonesia can also help broaden travel horizons well beyond Java and Sumatra. The language of Indonesia isn't unique to the island group, and also offers a route into regional cultures like Malaysia.

In fact, the language's origins lie in the Malay peninsular, and most experts see Bahasa as a very close relation of modern Malay. There are some major differences, so even people who are confident Malay speakers will benefit from learning some phonetic and grammatical basics. But if you learn Bahasa Indonesia, you'll be able to move between Sarawak and Kalimantan, or Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta with ease.

Discover one of the most diverse countries in the world

What else can you do with knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia? Well, it's really up to you, but there are so many possibilities.

You can discover the temples of Borobdur in central Java - of the world's oustanding examples of Buddhist architecture. You could join eco tours in Kalimantan (Borneo) to see orangutans in the wild, or head to Komodo to see the island's famous "dragons."

Jakarta is a modern metropolis with a thriving corporate centre, and plenty of foreigners work in the financial district, while the oil and gas, tourism, industrial, and aviation sectors all play big roles in Indonesia's economy. If you're taking up a position in any of them, some local knowledge will help to hit the ground running.

Find a way to learn Bahasa Indonesia that really works

Learning Indonesian can seem difficult at first, as it's quite different to more familiar European languages. The use of the Malay alphabet can also make people think twice about starting courses - but with the right guidance and modern language learning tools, there's nothing to fear.

At Babbel, we offer advanced and beginner's courses in Bahasa Indonesia that will bring you up to speed in no time. Everything is based around our innovative app, and course modules that have been devised by experts to offer a grounding in all aspects of the language.

Students don't need to learn huge volumes of vocabulary. Instead, they learn via real world conversations featuring actual speakers of the language. It's an excellent way to master grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. And it also builds confidence. So if you want to enjoy your time in Indonesia as much as possible, book a Babbel course today.