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Why should you learn Portuguese for free?

  • Portuguese is the official national language of 9 countries around the world.
  • With 230 million native speakers, Portuguese is the 8th most spoken language.
  • As a result, it is estimated that only 9% of Portuguese speakers reside in Portugal.
  • Learn Portuguese for free

Reasons to acquire basic Portuguese skills

Challenge your brain Learning a new language is a fantastic way to keep your brain sharp and active - and research shows that it staves off neurodegenerative disease too. Portuguese may be the 8th most spoken language in the world, but students in the UK often overlook it in favour of Spanish. Add it to your resume to really stand out! And the good news is that if you learn this Romance language, you also have a head start on other languages in the same family, including Italian, French, and Spanish.

Unlock a new world Portuguese is spoken in Portugal and Brazil, but did you know that it is also spoken in countries as diverse as Angola and Cape Verde, as well as in large sections of India, Sri Lanka, Goa and even China. Learn this language and you could find opportunities opening up across South America, Europe, Asia and Africa! Whether you aspire to travel to the Brazilian rain forests or follow the passionate football coverage in Portugal... to find a job in the world's eighth-largest economy (Brazil) or learn to cook "Caldo Verde" with ease, it's time to immerse yourself in a wonderfully diverse culture and make plenty of new friends in the process.

The most effective Portuguese courses at affordable rates

Weighing your options If you're wondering whether to learn Portuguese free, then remember that you will get what you pay for! Free online content can be useful for overall awareness or to learn more about Portugal and the culture, but it will usually be heavy on the ads and you'll have no guarantee of quality. Traditional classes suit some, but you'll usually just have one a week and progress may not be fast. Language partners are very useful to have as you develop your skills and wish to have conversational practice, but it helps to have your Portuguese basics in place first.

Introducing Babbel Babbel has helped millions of students to learn a language - or several - successfully across the world. Research shows that 15 hours of language instruction on the app equates to an entire semester of university-level classes! The app combines the best teaching techniques with innovative tech delivery, and it supports rapid progress with maximum enjoyment.

Portuguese lessons Simply download the app, choose your level and begin your lessons. You'll be encouraged to speak your first words in Portuguese and study content that covers speaking, reading, writing and listening successfully in Portuguese. Your personal lesson plan evolves according to your progress and needs and you can check your personal dashboard at any time to see how you are getting on. Got a spare 15 minutes? Just do a quick lesson on the go, and enable prompts to keep your new language skills fresh in your mind for rapid recall!

Features of the app

  • Babbel is advertising-free.
  • A personal dashboard records your progress and flags focus areas.
  • Voice recognition technology allows for immediate learner feedback.
  • Bite-size, interactive lessons provide content that matches your interests.

Learn to speak Portuguese with confidence

If you're keen to start learning Portuguese for free today, then why not give the Babbel app a go? You can download it instantly to try your first lesson for free, whatever your level is. If you like what you see, there is simply an affordable monthly subscription charge to pay - and a world of languages, resources, multimedia and community just a few clicks away!