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Why Should You Learn a New Language?

In the modern world, being multilingual can be a useful skill. It is estimated that about half of all people in the world speak a second language, and this is growing. If you see yourself as a citizen of this dynamic world, you should consider learning another language. Otherwise, you will become part of the shrinking population of people that speak only one language.

If you want to explore the world, speaking Portuguese or any other language can expand your horizons. It can help to live, work, or travel abroad with ease. Besides that, it will be an opportunity for you to create new friends and even find love. In essence, the more languages you can speak, the bigger the world seems.

You should not be afraid of trying because you might fail. Millions across the world have disproved the idea that only children can learn a new language. No matter your age or level of education, learning a new language can be easy. While native speakers may be able to tell it is your second language, you will still be able to communicate. Being able to speak another language is not about being perfect at it but about being able to connect with fellow humans. It can also help change your perspective on the world for the better.

Learn to Speak Portuguese

Portuguese is more than a collection of rules and words. It is a completely new world. When you learn the language, you will gain entry into a world of over 260 million people. Most of them are not even in Portugal but in Brazil. Portuguese is an essential language that any English speaker should learn.

Portuguese and English share a common origin and share many cognates. These words sound the same and have similar meanings. Thus, it should not be too hard to learn the language. Some of the benefits include:

Use Babbel to Learn Portuguese Free

While there are many programs online that teach Portuguese, most of them insist on reading text rather than listening to audio, which is the best way to learn. Learning using Babbel will cost less per month than your morning coffee. Language experts have created it, and it is ad-free. You are assured of a top-notch learning experience at the best value possible. The team at Babbel believes that the best way to learn Portuguese is through fun. While discipline and commitment matter, it is a fun engagement that helps you retain the information you learn and maximize retention. Babbel comes as an iOS and Android app. The information in synced in the cloud, which allows you to learn on the go using any device.