Reasons to study Portuguese

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Why should you study Portuguese?

  • Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries around the world.
  • In the Portuguese language, each verb tense has 6 different endings.
  • Historically, the language is rooted in Galicia in Northwest Spain.
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3 Reasons to explore the Portuguese language

Unlock a new world Although this language isn't as widely studied as some of the main European languages, it is spoken by a whopping 236 million speakers across the world - mainly in Portugal and Brazil, but also Cape Verde, Mozambique and even parts of India, Sri Lanka and China! So when you learn this musical, beautiful Romance language, you open up a whole world of travel, work and leisure in some of the world's most popular tourist destination.

Become a global citizen Adding a more unusual language to your CV will really help you to stand out - and allow you to position yourself as a true global citizen. Whether dancing to 'Pimba', ordering 'Sardinhas assadas' or planning a trip to the world-famous Brazilian Carnival, it is so much easier to make new friends and immerse yourself in the local culture when you speak the language. You'll also find it far easier to learn other Romance languages such as Italian, French and Spanish - and if you speak any of these already, you'll have a head start!

Study at your own pace This really depends on what you want to get out of your language studies. You could find a conversational partner, but this tends to be more effective once you have mastered the basics. Traditional evening classes or summer schools follow formalised programmes, but the speed of pace tends to be dictated by the slowest student in the room. There is also free online content, but it tends to be advert-heavy and the quality is variable. This helps to explain why millions of learners now prefer to use their smartphones and learn on the go!

Speaking Portuguese with confidence

Effectiveness scientifically proven The Babbel method is a proven programme for language learning that has been developed by over 150 didactic experts. Research has shown that 15 hours of Babbel instruction equates to an entire semester of language study at university! If you want to learn flexibly, on the go and in a way that makes the most of app technology, interactive media and the finest language instruction in an affordable subscription model, it could the best route for you.

Bite-sized lessons In short lessons of just 15 minutes each, you can begin speaking new vocabulary from your very first lesson with Babbel. Voice recognition corrects your pronunciation, and characters using dialects and regional accents provide authenticity. By speaking new words you rapidly gain confidence in your emerging abilities.

Speaking, writing, listening, reading Rather than spending hours drilling grammar rules over a book, Babbel teaches spoken, written, listening and reading language skills in an intuitive, progressive style with lessons designed around your interests and needs. Take a dynamic review session to consolidate your learning and see your progress in your individual dashboard at any time.

Features of the Babbel app

  • An individual progress dashboard that allows you to focus on development areas and move ahead fast.
  • Voice-recognition technology that can help to perfect your pronunciation and give you rapid confidence
  • Engaging lessons built around real-world situations - so you can ask for the WiFi code, order coffee to go and get help whilst travelling around Portugal.

Why not try Babbel today?

Even better, you can try your first Babbel lesson for free and see if you like it. Simply download the app and open a free account. If you enjoy your lesson you can upgrade in just a few clicks and begin immersing yourself in a world of new language and opportunity straight away!