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Danish may not be one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, yet there are plenty of reasons to learn its intricacies in a professional course. For starters, Denmark is a popular tourist destination, with its Lego-themed amusement parks, and the cosmopolitan charms of Copenhagen. What’s more, an increasing number of UK-based professionals or students are moving to Denmarks cities, seeking job opportunities and skills. If you’re part of that influx, having strong Danish language skills is a core aspect of applying for residency and citizenship.

Beyond that, it’s just great to speak a few words of Danish, whether you meet Danes in the UK or want to make the most of business trips to Odense or Aarhus. However, finding good Danish courses in the UK isn’t easy, and most classroom-based options come with hefty price tags. So actually acquiring Danish fluency is beyond many visitors to the Scandinavian country. Introducing Babbel: With over 100 language experts in its rows, the mobile-based language learning app which will make it easy for anyone to pick up the Danish skills they need.

Professional Danish courses, as flexible as you are

These experts looked at old-fashioned courses based around in-person instruction, rigid grammar rules, and requirements to learn huge amounts of vocabulary, much of which students will never need. Instead, they came up with a system which allows students to personalise courses. If you have an interest in Danish football, agriculture, art, or shopping, you can create materials which make learning easier. And don’t worry about having to memorise long lists of Danish words. Babbel’s courses are based around conversations and realistic situations, with examples from native speakers. So students will encounter Danish as it is spoken in Copenhagen, helping them to develop authentic accents and adjust to life in the real world.

These methods are built into an easy to use smartphone app for iOS and Android phones. The Babbel app can be accessed at any time, and courses are organised to fit in with even the busiest work or study schedule. You can fire up the app on trains or buses, in between meetings, or just before nodding off in the evening. Additionally, students can pick courses which suit their requirements. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Babbel’s Danish courses. Instead, you can pick between 1, 3, 6, or 12 month courses – providing just the right level of instruction. Finally, prices are always very reasonable compared with traditional courses. The first class in every course is free, but if you aren’t happy with the Babbel system, we offer a 20 day money back guarantee. Why not take the first step towards fluency today?


An easy introduction to Danish: basic vocab, grammar, and pronunciation.

View "Newcomer"

Beginner I

Learn the most important expressions for everyday life and the basics of Danish grammar and pronunciation.

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Beginner II

Discover more words and expressions for many different life situations.

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Easy grammar: drills and exercises with clear and concrete examples.

View "Grammar"


Here you'll find courses which will help you to focus on your listening and speaking skills.

View "Pronunciation"

Countries and Traditions

In these courses, you won't just learn the language. You'll also gain useful knowledge about Denmark.

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Looking for something special? Here you will find a range of courses!

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Words and Sentences

Boost your vocabulary with a lot of important words and useful sentences for various situations.

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Danish pronunciation

With the integrated speech recognition tool you can test and practice your pronunciation. It works directly in the browser. You will only need a microphone and the latest Flash-Player.

Learn Danish Vocabulary

Learn online grammar, vocabulary and phrases, practice in optimal intervals: At Babbel, you’ll get the basic and advanced vocabulary for Danish. The Review Manager makes sure that you’ll exercise the vocabulary and grammar rules that were hard for you.

iPhone app

You can use the Danish iPhone app together with the Babbel website. Your learning progress will be synchronized between them, so you can learn and review anywhere, anytime.