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Why should you study Danish?

  • Dansk is the official language of Denmark.
  • The word “gift” means both “married” and “poison”.
  • The Danish language is spoken by over 6 million people around the world.
  • Danish, Swedish and Norwegian are all derived from Old Norse, resulting in many similarities between the languages.
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Speak Danish like you've always wanted to

What do you know about Denmark? Denmark is an economic powerhouse, with a famously progressive society, beautiful cities and stunning countryside and coastline. It's becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, with UK travellers heading to the colourful trendy streets of Copenhagen and the sandy beaches and woodlands of Zealand. You can experience it in a new way if you speak a little of the language.

Deepen your studies Denmark has famous academics, innovators, scientists, poets, writers, artists and modern cultural icons. Just think about all of that Nordic Noir from the region! If you learn the language you'll also have a head start on other local languages such as Norwegian, making it easier to binge-watch your favourite Nordic crime series from start to finish!

Make new friends Danish people are friendly and welcoming to other countries, and a whole world of friendship - and maybe more - awaits you if you speak a few phrases and begin your language journey in this exciting region. But how will you take your studies forward?

Traditional language schools or evening classes can be slow and require you to work to a schedule. Conversational practice requires another suitably skilled person who is free when you are! Online content is plentiful but there's no guarantee that it's accurate, and there is a lot of advertising to navigate!

Unlock a new world with Babbel

Millions of students across the world are choosing instead to learn via their smartphones using the award-winning Babbel app. It's a highly effective learning programme that gets you speaking your first words in a new language from the very first session. What's more, you'll progress fast; 15 hours of danish-online">Babbel lessons equate to a full semester of university tuition!

Lessons on Babbel are fun, engaging and designed to build your confidence in real-world situations. You'll hear real Danish accents, find an app that works seamlessly on your phone and be able to learn whenever you have a few spare minutes in your day. Even better, there are no irritating adverts to distract you!

When you join Babbel you get full access to learning resources that have been created by 150 teachers in the field, with the option to learn further languages as you progress. Many students with Babbel do go on to learn more than one second language as they find the learning methodology so effective. Enjoy rich media on the website and join the community of other students to bring your learning journey further to life.

Features of the app

  • Bite-size lessons on real-world topics that interest you - learn how to ask about WiFi, to order food or to ask your way around.
  • See your progress on your personalised dynamic dashboard
  • Listen to real-world accents for authenticity
  • Get instant feedback on your pronunciation from cutting-edge voice recognition software.

Acquire real-life conversation skills in Danish

It just takes a few minutes to get started. Just download the app to try the first lesson entirely for free, whatever level you are at. If you like it, you can instantly access the full course by upgrading your membership via the app. Why not give it a go and take your ambitions forward now - you could be speaking to your first friends from Denmark in their own language before you know it...