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Why should you study German?

  • The German language has three genders.
  • English and German share 60% of their vocabulary
  • Despite common misconceptions, it's easy for English speakers to learn German.
  • Learning a new language can aid your career, grow your social circle and enrichen your travel experiences.
  • Begin studying German with Babbel

Introduction to German

The language of science German is an official language of the sciences, innovation and philosophy - in fact, it has traditionally been described as the language of 'thinkers and poets'. It's also an incredibly important academic language overall, and the country's universities are the fourth most popular for international students in the world.

Economic power The country is also a true economic powerhouse, with many calling Berlin Europe's answer to Silicone Valley. Some of the biggest brands in the world have their HQs in the country, such as Adidas, Lufthansa, Volkswagen and Siemens, and there is plenty of skilled employment for people who are keen and motivated to succeed.

German for holidays Nothing makes travel richer than being able to speak a few words of the language at the very least. From discussing wines in Baden to admiring the country's distinctive architecture, your experiences will be enhanced in the native language.

100 million native speakers German is one of the EU's three official languages, and there are over 100 million native and second-language speakers online too, making it a fantastic language to learn collaboratively.

How to learn German most effectively?

There are lots of ways to learn a new language. Previously, many people would have taken physical evening classes or attended a summer school. These mean committing to a fixed schedule however and require you to learn at the pace of the class. Online content can be free but tends to be filled with unwanted advertising. Conversational practice is great once you have some basic skills under your belt, but there's no way of knowing how accurate your attempts are, and again, you are limited to your availability.

Babbel is trusted by millions of learners across the world. In just 15 minutes a day, you can learn your new language on the go. Do a lesson on the train, or while having a coffee break. Sharpen up your brain with a bitesize conversational practice lesson and engage with the rich community of media content and other learners. The world is your oyster with a new language - and Babbel is your route to rapid success.

Features of Babbel

  • Local accents for authenticity
  • Voice-recognition technology to check your verbal skills
  • A dynamic review board to monitor your progress at any time.
  • Expert course material delivered at every level, from beginner to fluent.
  • Bite-size lessons that are fun, engaging and 'real-world' in nature and tailored to your objectives

Ready to start your language journey?

Intuitive to use, Babbel allows learners to start in just a few clicks. Just download the app for free and try your first lesson for free too. If you like it, you can just select the 'upgrade membership' option and continue your exciting language journey at your own speed. You'll be amazed at how far your ambitions can take you - perhaps just a few words on your first lesson will evolve to fluency in the future; with a world of opportunity opening up to you as a result. What are you waiting for?