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Learning German Online

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and worldwide it is spoken by over 120 million people. Whether you want to learn this language to gain an edge on the professional front or to communicate with your German speaking acquaintances or friends, the benefits of learning German are manifold.

Germany is a major exporter of automobiles and technology, and has the third strongest economy in the world. With the growth and increase of German organisations across the world, the professional prospects presented by learning the language are booming. Knowing German not only helps you when working in a Germany-based company, but also in dealing and connecting better with German speaking clients. In many companies in the Philippines, it is imperative to know German for all staff members.

The knowledge of this language is also helpful for people in the field of research, development and innovation, as Germany is home to four of the world’s most innovative companies. Germans are pioneers in technological innovations and two-thirds of the world’s international trade fairs are held in Germany. For lovers of literature, German language is equally essential as over 80,000 German books are published every year and most of the world’s richest literature is written in German. Known as the land of poets and thinkers, Germany has produced some of the true gems in this field which only an individual with German language knowledge can fully access.

On the tourism front, Germans spend 3 of every 4 vacations abroad, and are some of the biggest spenders in tourist destinations. They rule the Internet world too with over 8 million domains dedicated to them. The German language has also been recommended by many universities as an important attribute for students, and at many of them, such as University of California, knowledge of German is considered an important supplement within many major programmes.

Learning German Online - Methods to learn German

The German language is similar to English in quite a few aspects. Though challenging, there are many ways to learn the language.

  • Study in Germany – Studying in a country is the best and fastest way to learn the language as regular use and interaction with natives helps you master your language speaking skills.

  • Reading German literature, both online and in the form of books and newspapers is another way. You can also look up some books that teach the basics of the language.

  • With so many courses available on the Internet, it is now easy to learn German online. Learning German online is both cost-effective and flexible. You can schedule your learning at your own pace. A German online course offers you all the advantages of studying from books and classroom learning.

  • There are many audio tapes and interactive CDs that can help you learn German online. A German online course also includes these tools.

  • Watching German TV and German movies can help you improve your German speaking and listening skills.

Learning German online with Babbel

With a new and interactive way to learn German online, Babbel offers the right platform and all the tools necessary to help you master the language. With a cost-effective and affordable fee structure, you can sign up for a German online course with Babbel and take advantage of the comprehensive educational methods.

The Babbel German online courses feature learning tools that contain fun and interactive exercises for reading and listening skills, writing workbooks, an integrated social network, as well as many other multimedia learning methods. Babbel also offers mobile apps for iPhone and Android-based phones completely free of cost.

With over 400,000 registered users, the Babbel site offers integrated German courses online to help you with efficient and effective ways to learn German online.