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On this page you will learn

  • Why it's important to learn the Russian accent

  • Why a language app is the perfect way to learn an accent

  • How app-based learning can help you retain language and accent skills for longer

  • Study Russian accents today

Learning the Russian accent

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to learning Russian is getting the accent and pronunciation of words correct. Not only is it written in a different (Cyrillic) alphabet, but the language is spoken in a unique accent that incorporates hard and soft sounds. Learning how accented letters change the sounds of words is the first step of grasping the accent. Making sure you are understood in Russian is a vital part of learning the language.

Russia enjoys an ever-growing economy and is a hugely significant nation in terms of international trade, which is why those who work in global business can really get ahead if they can speak the language with a perfect accent. Whilst other colleagues may be learning the written language of Russian, those who have the most authentic accent will be considered first when it comes to representing your business or maybe even taking a business trip to Russia.

The benefits of studying Russian via app

App-based language learning can be tailored around your life. Additionally, it allows you to progress at your own speed, doing as much or as little learning as you can fit in. This method of learning also means users can take advantage of special app features. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Babbel's online classes use a combination of teaching methods and feature voices from across Russia, so learners of the language will familiarise themselves with a plethora of different dialects and accents.

Make the most of your spare time by using the app whenever, wherever. which will help you build up your accent skills faster. Frequent short lessons are more beneficial in the long term than occasional long sessions. This way of learning will help you retain those important accent skills for longer. Be sure to go back over older classes too, using the Personal Review Dashboard to ensure you’re not forgetting what you have already learnt.

How to pick up accents quickly

The Babbel app teaches learners how to perfect the accent in a number of ways. Most importantly via the app’s Voice Recognition Software, which is designed to help users get the pronunciation of Russian words just right. The app even helps you learn the Russian accent in English, with English-spoken explanations to help you get it right. Babbel offers app-based language and accent courses in 14 languages.

This means you can progress from Russian to another language. Why not try Polish, Indonesian or Turkish and become a true master of global languages? Perfecting the accent is a vital aspect of learning any language, and will mean you are understood each and every time. Using Babbel's unique app software such as the Voice Recognition Technology, you will learn the accent faster and more effectively, giving you the skills you need to speak Russian with confidence.