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Why should you study the Turkish language?

  • Learn about historical art in the Turkish language
  • Master the language of Turkey effectively and with fun
  • During your next holiday in Turkey, explore the country like a local
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Your path to fluency: Cultural highlights of Turkey

Turkey occupies a very special place in the world's geography. Half-European, half-Asian, the country is a melting pot of culture, food, religion, and ideas. And it has a beautiful language that isn't hard to learn - with the right tools. Here are some great reasons to master the language before heading to Turkey for all travel fans to think about.

Turkey's cuisine is justly famous across the world. Who hasn't finished off a night out with a kebab crammed with chicken or lamb, or stuffed themselves with baklava? The country's meat, breads, pastries, and coffee have found fans on every continent, but are diners really getting the authentic experience when they head to their local restaurants?

If you visit Turkey itself, a different situation emerges, where knowing the local language could be the key to a huge range of different dishes - ones that rarely appear in eateries back home. For example, you could opt for standard burgers when touring Istanbul. Or you could ask for an Islak burger with garlic and tomato sauce. And if you are wandering along the shore of the Bosphorus, a bit of local knowledge could allow you to order a mouth-watering Balik Ekmek sandwich, with the freshest fish around.

Explore the beauty of Anatolia, one word at a time

Learning the Turkish language is also a must for travelers in general. Turkey isn't one of those nations where visitors can rely on finding English speakers in every shop or at every ticket office. Unfortunately, if you want to venture into Cappadocia or tour the Aegean Islands, knowing how to communicate in the local tongue is absolutely essential. It's not necessary to become a fluent speaker to get by, but learning conversations and vocabulary that are suited to travel situations is likely to be a huge advantage.

From Merhaba (hello), to asking directions to the havuz (swimming pool), knowing important words and phrases will make life so much easier. Moreover, it could save you money. Finding the cheapest bus and train tickets in Turkey can be tricky if you rely on English. Sometimes, offices charge the most expensive fares - which is understandable when visitors fail to learn any of the local language. But if you want to zoom around on the high speed rail links between Istanbul, Ankara, and Konya, you'll benefit from knowing how to request "indirim" (discounts).

Learning Turkish with the app

At first glance, learning Turkish seems a little daunting, with its numerous vowel sounds, unique alphabet, and special rules like soft and hard Gs. But with app-based learning tools, all of those problems will evaporate in no time. The Babbel app enables students to improve their skills via conversational modules.

You can experience the language as it it spoken in Turkey, with real-world situations, and vocabulary that fits your own interests. That way, you can learn the basics, and prepare for visits. Students can book 1 to 12 month long courses, with listening, reading, writing, and speaking all included. So you can take things as slowly or quickly as you wish. In any case, with Babbel's courses, exploring Turkey will be within reach.