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Why should you study Indonesian for free?

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Uncover the world of languages: Indonesian

Indonesia is a country made up of more than 17000 islands, all sharing a common official language. Learning to speak Indonesian can connect you to this vast and distinct culture. Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world and is home to more than 260 million people, that's a lot of people to talk to!

Employers love those who can speak a second language. Many European companies do business with Indonesia and are always looking for those who can communicate with their overseas partners. A common language will make business transactions go much smoother. Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and there are business and investment opportunities galore for foreigners. Speaking the Indonesian language will certainly give you an advantage over any business rivals.

Even closer to home, there are also many benefits to learning Indonesian. There are many Indonesian people who emigrate around the world for work and travel and being able to have a chat with them when they're in your home country will make you a friend for life! The language learning process will also keep your mind sharp, improve cognitive function, long-term memory and increase focus. Plus, a whole new world of movies, music and art will be yours to discover! An easy way to get started is by checking out the Babbel app, the first lesson in any course is free.

"Where can I learn Indonesian to affordable prices?"

The main centre where Indonesian is spoken is in the beautiful country of Indonesia, but the language is popular as a second language. Students in the Netherlands and Australia are taught to speak it at school! As Indonesia is one of the world's top tourist destinations, knowing some local lingo will make travel a lot smoother and you might just end up making some friends who know all about the best spots.

The Babbel app: Real-world conversations, one word at a time

When you learn Indonesian with the Babbel app, it is broken down into small but valuable lessons that you can complete wherever you like. On your lunch break, at the gym, over a coffee or before bed, the lessons can be done in only a few minutes and afterwards you can always return to practice them through your personalised dashboard. You'll learn listening, reading, writing and speaking through interactive lessons including speech recognition to perfect your pronunciation.

Improve career prospects and meet locals in their native tongue

Though it is often considered one of the easiest languages to learn, any language has its challenges. Experts have developed Babbel to be engaging, quick and the programme use your native language to make connections to Indonesian words and phrases. There are different courses, from newcomers and beginners through to looking to learn the language's most important words and sentences.

The traditional methods of learning a language have involved long hours sitting in classrooms, reading through generic textbooks and listening to recordings of words and phrases you'll never use. Now, you can learn the most important bits of Indonesian with a method that has been researched and developed by experts in language and neuroscience. Learning Indonesian with an affordable course improves your business prospects and offers viable opportunities for meaningful travel.