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Firstly, learning Norwegian is simply an excellent way to make the most of your trips to the Scandinavian nation. Like all people, the Norwegians respond better to foreigners who have tried to get to grips with their language. Even if they only know a few basics, people who grapple with Norway's unique vowel pronunciations will instantly be a hit with the locals. When you try out your Norwegian skills, you'll find it so much easier to make friends, from Tromsø to Trondheim. It doesn't matter that most Norwegians speak fluent English. They will be immediately impressed by visitors who emulate their language-learning skills, and make the effort to communicate in their native tongue.

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Food is one of the highlights of modern Norway, which has started to cultivate a new generation of extraordinary chefs. The "New Nordic Cuisine" (which was actually kick-started by Danish chefs in 2004) has spread to Bergen and Oslo, and uses the wealth of locally sourced ingredients to put a new spin on traditional cuisine. The thing is: it's hard to appreciate the diversity of local food without a grounding in Norwegian. That's why it really pays to take a Norwegian class or two before travelling. With some core vocabulary, you'll know exactly what you are ordering, and avoid any mishaps.

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Norway isn't all about fresh air, fjords, and freshly picked berries. It's also an oil and gas giant, supplying the needs of northern Europe from North Sea gas fields. Because of this, thousands of UK workers are employed by Norwegian firms like Equinor. And Norsk Hydro is also a major employer of engineering talent. If you want to work on sustainable hydro or hydrocarbon discovery, a bit of Norwegian can go a long way. Naturally, most of your colleagues will speak excellent English. That's a given. But you'll find it easier to fit in and form working relationships if you learn the local language. And it could be a big career boost, too.

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  • Learning Norwegian is a wonderful idea, providing social benefits for tourists and professionals alike. But, there's no denying it: the Norwegian language can be daunting for complete novices. That's where mobile and web-based language tools can make a huge difference. Babbel offers a wide range of app-based language courses, including Norwegian from introductory courses for beginners to specialised advanced modules for experienced speakers.

  • Everything is based around real-life conversations, which deal with subjects that are relevant to the interests of the student. This makes it much easier to learn and retain vocabulary, while building a library of phrases that will be of genuine use when speakers head to Norway. Speaking is a major part of the course structure, helping to ensure that students master the subtle syllables and vowels in Norwegian (compared to Swedish, for example). And students can book courses that last from one to 12 months - whatever suits their situation.

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If you want to learn Norwegian quickly and well, Babbel's tools are a great option to choose. It's well worth doing so, whether you are planning a winter skiing expedition, or are visiting friends in Oslo. So have a look at the courses available, download the app, and get started today.

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