Search for the UK's Most Multilingual Student

Babbel and The Student Room want to crown the UK student who can speak the largest number of languages

Bonjour / Hola / Olá / Guten Tag / Salaam, UK students!

Babbel, with the help of the UK’s largest online student community, The Student Room, is looking to find the country’s most multilingual student.

We are searching for the student in the UK who speaks the largest number of languages (to conversational level or beyond).

Once found, Babbel will provide the UK’s most multilingual student with a trip to our home city, Berlin.

In Berlin, the student will spend time in one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals, as well as meet their new fans at the Babbel offices, and see how linguistic skills can be used in a professional setting.

They will also be given the opportunity to record and contribute content to Babbel, the world’s top-grossing language learning app. On top of this, the winner will be interviewed by the national media!

How to enter

If you think that you might qualify - or know someone who deserves to win - get in touch by sending an email to

The following information is required:

  • Your (or your friend’s) name

  • The languages that you (or they) speak

  • The best way for us to get in contact

As part of the judgment process, students will be required to have informal and fun conversations - via video call - with the judging panel who also speak these languages. So a conversational proficiency in each language is a must!

The competition is open to currently enrolled students in the UK. Entries close May 31st, 2021.

Good luck, and tack / merci / danke / grazie!

See the competition Terms and Conditions here