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Why should you learn Polish for free?

  • Polish belongs to the Slavic group of languages.
  • The Polish language is inspired by the Roman alphabet.
  • Over 50 million people around the globe speak Polish, the majority of whom live in Poland.
  • Speaking basic words of Polish opens up opportunities to those looking to boost their employability abroad.
  • Learn Polish for free

Introduction to learning Polish

Everyone will have their own personal reason for learning Polish - so what's yours? Perhaps you want to travel, find a new job or trace your family tree? Perhaps you are going to visit family in Poland, or in the USA where large communities of Polish people keep their language, traditions and culture alive. Maybe you simply want to challenge yourself and keep your brain young and agile, recognising that learning a new language helps to stave off the effects of ageing.

Unlock a new world Poland has a growing economy and rapidly expanding industries in manufacturing, services, agriculture, energy and tourism; all of which require skilled and mobile workers. Acquiring basic language skills may improve your travel experience, help you to make new friends, and allows you to see the best of the country in its native tongue. It only takes a few phrases to show goodwill and respect for local people when you visit Poland. Master the language and you can also easily learn other Slavic languages such as Slovak and Czech.

Speak Polish with confidence As an English speaker, you will be pleased to find that the Polish language has no articles and only five verb tenses (compared to 16 in English!) It is also far easier to pronounce Polish words once you recognise the sounds, and with shared Latin roots, there are plenty of Polish words which are recognisable to English speakers.

Learn Polish for free It can be tempting to try to learn a new language for free. After all, there are plenty of videos, blogs and other types of content online. But this content is user-generated and of variable quality. It also tends to be loaded with adverts, which are highly distracting when you are trying to learn! Online community-type content is best viewed as an adjunct resource to a formalised learning route if you plan to really get to grips with Polish fast. It's also possible to take evening classes, summer schools or formal college qualifications, but these can be slow. For most people, a modern language programme such as Babbel is a better route to learning a new language fast.

Introducing Babbel

Babbel is an expert-designed language instruction methodology that combines the most effective teaching methods with innovative mobile delivery.

Who uses Babbel? Babbel is trusted by millions of students worldwide who have used the programme to learn a new language - and sometimes several. There are 14 languages on offer and 9 display languages. Content is also tailored for the display language for maximum effectiveness.

Why does it work? Babbel uses the finest academic teaching methods and innovative tech delivery to offer a highly effective, rapid route to learning Polish. In bite-sized lessons of just 15 minutes each, students progress extremely fast. Students also start speaking their first Polish words within the first lesson - growing their confidence from the start.

Babbel app reviews Students love the affordable app, the course content that is tailored to their interests and needs, the personalised review dashboard and the speed at which they can learn Polish. The rich variety of content - including social media feeds, media and the student community are also key draws.

Features of the app

  • Regional accents for authenticity.
  • Interactive lessons tailored to learner needs.
  • Personalised review dashboard which flags up progress and development areas.
  • Speech recognition feature to allow for feedback and correct pronounciation.

If you are serious about learning Polish, then try Babbel for fast and proven results. You can even try your first lesson for free when you open up your account for free and see whether it suits your needs. Learn Polish with Babbel. Download for iOS or Android.